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Below are the topics of our Audio-Visual presentations which we currently offer:
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We travel all over Yorkshire and parts of Cheshire, Lancashire, and Derbyshire.
Currently we charge £50 for 'standard' organisations, plus travelling expenses if outside Kirklees.
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When talking to larger groups and businesses we start at £150 plus travelling expenses.


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Audio-Visual Presentations

AV1 A Week On T'Cut

An imaginary week's cruise around the inland waterways of Britain calling at various highlights of our National and Industrial Heritage.

Stopping off points include the Barton Swing Bridge, the Anderton Lift, the Waterways Museum, the Huddersfield Canal, plus many more.

Probably our most popular offering.

Check out our sister site, for samples of what you will see.

AV1b Another Week On T'Cut

'A Week On T'Cut' has proved extremely popular since its first airing some 30 years ago. Only minor alterations have been made to the presentation throughout this time whilst more cruises have taken place in the Midlands and Southern England with, naturally, many incidents.

What is it really like going through tunnels over a mile long? Do you have to moor outside a pub every night? What happens when someone falls in [health and what]?

If you enjoyed 'A Week On T'Cut' you'll love this.

Check out our sister site, for samples of what you will see.

AV1c Scouting To Llangollen

I have cruised to Llangollen many times both as a and with Scouts. This presentation showcases the highlights and mishaps whilst on this waterway.

Check out our sister site, for samples of what you will see.

AV1d Cruise Into Old Age!

Now the proud share-owners of a narrowboat, here are some tales of our exploits!

Check out our sister site, for samples of what you will see.

AV2 The Lake District - Geological

A geological tour around this most picturesque area of the British Isles.

See for our range of photos.

AV3 The Lake District – Cultural

Taking in the scenery and cultural heritage of the Lake District. There are also first hand reports from the recent past of how life used to be like living in this mountainous region.

See for our range of photos.

AV4 The Lake District - All That You Didn't Know!

Or perhaps you do! Little & well known facts about this area of outstanding natural beauty – a miscellany of trivia!!

See for our range of photos.

AV5 The Yorkshire Dales

Wild and picturesque, why people return again and again and again. [Currently undergoing a facelift! Please enquire as to availability.]

See for our range of photos.

AV6 A Lifetime Scouting!

After 50 years involvement I feel eminently qualified to comment!

AV7 Relaxing Memories

Events and locations which hold dear memories for the presenter together with a brass band accompaniment to give the audience the opportunity to relive their own very special moments.

See for our range of photos.

AV8 Celebrating Cathedrals

Interesting and, possibly, little-known snippets of information about some of the country's Cathedrals.

See for our range of photos.

AV9 Crumbling Castles—Factual

Castles and strongholds of the UK. The background and historical facts of these monuments of medieval times.

Check out our sister site, for samples of what you will see.

[Please ask about availability.]

AV10 Crumbling Castles—Daily Life

What the history books didn’t tell you - but what you wanted to know - when you were at school! What really happened in the dungeons; what those holes in the floor above the portcullis were used for; law and order...

Check out our sister site, for samples of what you will see.

AV11 Yorkshire Castles

Castles and strongholds of Yorkshire.

Check out our sister site, for samples of what you will see.

AV12 Brittany & Normandy

Discover the delights that await you in what used to be southern Britain! Northern France has many delights - both hidden and visible; flamboyant and ordinary; modern and ancient.

AV13 Brittany & Normandy Chateaux

Discover the delights of castles in Northern France. But these aren't castles?!? Yes, they are, they just look different.

AV14 Creature Curios

Did you know that cats spend 85% of their time doing absolutely nothing? That eating, drinking, killing, crapping, and mating take up just 4% of their life? And the other 11%? Find this - and other 'interesting' facts out - during the course of this presentation focussing on both domestic and wild animals.

AV15 Pot Pourri

Another 'Did You Know' combining commentary and music set against a varying backdrop of pleasing, calming scenes. Perfect for the audience which prefers snooze to the now!!!

AV16 The Ones That Beeching Remembered

We explore the sights seen on and around some of the resurrected heritage railways which Mr Beeching saw fit to close. [Currently undergoing a facelift! Please enquire as to availability.]

Check out which railways feature by visiting our sister website,

AV17 Nursery Rhymes

"Hey-Diddle-Diddle, The Cat And The Fiddle...." Where do Nursery Rhymes come from? What is the origin of Nursery Rhymes? Who wrote Nursery Rhymes? It's all down to Mother Goose!!

AV18 England - Presenter's Choice

The presenter guides you through some of his memorable photographs, explaining his choice as he goes along. Will you agree with him?

See for our range of photos.

AV19 Wales, Isle Of Man, & Scotland - Presenter's Choice

The presenter guides you through areas of these countries– as seen through his eyes. Will you agree with his choices?

See for our range of photos.

AV20 Following The Luddites

Attacks, murders, hangings - what more could you want!

Click here for a preview of the presentation.

AV21 Taking a Photograph?

An explanation of the 3 settings which determine the exposure of your photo plus the rules – and how to break them – of composition. An example of each point mentioned is fully illustrated by a photograph of my own.

Check out my photographs by visiting our sister website,

AV22 Superstitious?

Are you superstitious? Where do our superstitions come from?

Here we examine various animal superstitions complete with a visual backdrop.

My animal photographs can be found on our sister site,

AV23 Numbers!

Nothing is not as old as the hills. What's the connection between Fibonacci Numbers and sunflowers? Just how did the Egyptians build their pyramids with exactly 90 degree corners? Why is 1+1 = 10? What is the sum of one each of the Roman numerals? When is a billion not a billion?

We DARE you to book this entertaining, Mathematical masterpiece!!!

AV24 Survival In Medieval England

What was life like for you and me in Medieval England? Would you have survived? Water??? or ale? Toilet paper? Huh! Food – where?

What was life really like in Medieval England? Dare you find out!

AV25 World Wars In Northern France

The battle to reclaim democracy started here.

Battlefields, memorials, tunnels – learn the part they played and see how they have survived the passage of time. Be prepared for a tear or two.

Nostalgia rules, OK?!

AV26 In Yorkshire, Tha Sez???

Little & well known facts about God's own county – a miscellany of trivia!!

Browse some Yorkshire sights on our sister website,

AV27 In England, You Say???

Little & well known facts about people & places in our little country – a miscellany of trivia!!

Browse some sights in England on our sister website,

AV28 New Zealand's South Island – An Introductory Tour

Seals, penguins, vineyards, spas, destruction & rebirth – oh, and mountains! There are all here in our brief sojourn.

Browse some views of New Zealand on our sister website,

AV29 At Home In A Foreign Country

Step back in time and explore today's Isle Of Man

Browse some views of the Isle Of Man on our sister website,

AV30 Oxford From The Inside

Anecdotes from the City Of Spires including sights not seen by the tourists.

Browse some views of Oxford on our sister website,

AV31 Little London

We've all been to London, but have you seen these sights and know their stories?

Browse some views of London on our sister website,

AV32 …Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair...

San Francisco? San Diego? Come with us on the start of our California adventures.

Browse some views of California on our sister website,

Humour & Monologues

SE1 Yorkshire Humour 1

Yorkshire dialect in verse and stories. [You've all heard about Albert and the Lion, but what about when the Martians arrived in your town?].

SE2 Yorkshire Humour 2

More Yorkshire dialect humour and stories.

SE3 Mothballed Verses

'General' verses, both ancient and modern.

SE4 English History Through Verse 1

Verses charting the history of England from the Romans through to the Middle Ages – William and 'Arold, Richard the Lionheart, et al.

SE5 English History Through Verse 2

Verses charting the history of England from the Middle Ages through to the present – Queen Vic, WWI, WWII, et al.

SE6 Monologue World

Major world events as recorded through verses – Jonah and the Whale, the Ides of March, etc, etc.

These are set against a backdrop of historical sites. [Please enquire as to suitability.]

SE7 Meet The Ramsbottoms

Perhaps the most famous monologue family of them all. Hear the antics of Albert and his parents – remember how he was eaten by the lion at Blackpool Zoo?

SE8 Christmas Humour

Humour and stories all with a Christmas themewith the aim to get you chortling!

SE9 How Did We Get To This?

Charting the ascent of man [& woman!] down the ages through humour & verse.

SE10 Science Through The Ages

Pythagaros, Plato, Aristotle, Newton, Hawkins, et al: the real truth about triangles, apples, black holes, etc, explained through humour and verse.

SE11 It's An Age Thing

This is not for you if you don't want to be reminded about growing old! Humorous stories & verse.

Age Humour & Verses

A sample of our satisfied customers includes:

Bradford Oddfellows, Colne Valley Probus, Holme Valley Conservatives, Holmfirth Probus, Huddersfield Military History Society, Huddersfield Probus, Huddersfield [Pennine] Probus, Meltham WI, Mirfield Probus, Mirfield Ladies Probus, New Mill Probus, Penistone Probus, Phoenix Women's Group, Pudsey Men's Forum, Tadcaster Men's

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