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Catch us on Tuesdays at our regular venue, the Shoulder Of Mutton, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

For many years now we have successfully been giving audio-visual presentations to clubs and societies throughout West Yorkshire.

In recent years we have expanded to setting and delivering quizzes.

A quiz can be a great way to both attract customers and raise funds.

Fed up with quiz winners being teams of people with excellent memories, we devised questions whose answers need a bit of lateral thinking and a good sense of fun! In addition, our 'groaners' are just that!

We start with a picture round which people can answer prior to the start of the main event. The final round is a 'thinking' round for contestants to ponder over until it is time for the answers.

An example of one of our quizzes can be found here together with the answers.

In addition to the questions and answers, we also provide paper for the answers to be written on.

We also have specialist quizzes on the following subjects, amongst others:
— Christmas;
— Halloween;
— Yorkshire;
— Huddersfield;
— Colours;
— Numbers;
— Connections;
— Rugby;
— etc

Our fee is dependant upon your event and whether it is a one off or regular. Please contact us for details. [Unfortunately we have had to put a £8 supplement for organisations outside Kirklees.]

Should you decide to use our quizzes but would prefer to deliver them yourself, then we can supply all that is necessary for the evening's event for the price of £2.95.

Please do not hesitate to call us for further information or to enquire about a booking. In fact, if another booking has to cancel at short notice, why not see if we are available?


Feel free to use the following questions. However, should you require the answers, a fee of £2.95 [for a regular] or £4.95 [for a themed] is payable.
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Free here

Quiz 10 [Colours]

Quiz 11 [Numbers]

Quiz 12

Quiz 13

Quiz 14

Quiz 15

Quiz 16

Quiz 17

Quiz 18

Quiz 19

Quiz 20

Quiz 21

Quiz 22

Quiz 23

Quiz 24

Quiz 25

Quiz 26

Quiz 27

Quiz 28

Quiz 29

Quiz 30

Quiz 31

Quiz 32 [Connections]

Quiz 33


Quiz 34

Quiz 35

Quiz 36 [Connections]

Quiz 37

Quiz 38

Quiz 39

Quiz 40 [Numbers]

Quiz 41 [Alphabet]

Quiz 42

Quiz 43

Quiz 44 [Numbers]

Quiz 45 [Connections]

Quiz 46 [Colours]

Quiz 47 [Odd Ones Out]

Quiz 48 [Numbers]

Quiz 49


Quiz 50 [Fruit]

Quiz 51 [UK Citizenship]

Quiz 52

Quiz 53 [Connections]

Quiz 54

Quiz 55


Quiz 56 [Double Meaning ]

Quiz 57


Quiz 58 [Alphabet]
Coming soon


Themed Quizzes

(New) Year 1

Valentine's Day Quiz 1

Easter Quiz 1

Summer Quiz 1

Summer Quiz 2

Halloween Quiz 1

Christmas Quiz 1

Christmas Quiz 2

Christmas Quiz 3

Christmas Quiz 4
Coming in Jan 2015

Royal Quiz 1

Wedding Quiz 1

Yorkshire Quiz 1

Yorkshire Quiz 2

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