Licensing Agreements

User Licensing Agreements

With payment of the price due for the photograph(s) purchased from EagledEyed, the buyer is entitled to their use. The right to use the photograph(s) is granted solely to the original buyer and cannot be transferred to any third party. Copyright to the photographs remains with EagledEyed and/or its suppliers.

EagledEyed grants the right to commercial and non-commercial use of the photograph(s) for productions for the user and their clients on the condition that it/they be credited to "". The purchaser may use the photograph(s) to illustrate material that may be printed and published in the pre-established numbers between EagledEyed and the purchaser. The photograph(s) may be used for advertisements, magazines, brochures, video clips, multimedia productions, TV commercials, etc. The photos may be manipulated through cutting, cropping, scaling, color changes, etc. However, use of the images in any pornographic, negative or defamatory manner is strictly prohibited. Use of the photograph(s) within photo archives, photo databases and stock agencies is strictly prohibited. Online use of the photographs by online services or within personal, commercial or non-profit home pages or web pages is limited to the use of the images for Internet marketing purposes and web-site illustrations, design of banners, buttons and backgrounds. The licensing agreement does not permit the purchaser to offer free or paid downloads of the images on the Internet or any internal and external networks including online services and BBS installations.

Publisher's Disclaimer

Photographs are provided "as is" with no warranties or conditions, expressed, implied, statutory, or in any communication with you. EagledEyed expressly disclaims any implied warranties of merchant ability, non infringement and fitness for a particular purpose. EagledEyed will not be liable to the purchaser of the CD, electronic images or transparencies or any other third party for any damages, including loss of data, lost profits, or any other costs that are incurred, which are caused directly, incidental, consequential or indirect from the CD and/or the use of the photographs provided.
This agreement is the entire agreement between the purchaser and EagledEyed, and supersedes any other communications or advertising with respect to the photography provided. If any provision of this agreement is held invalid, the remainder shall continue in full effect.

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